MYSTERY WIRE As government scientists and funds literally shoot for the stars, with NASA missiona and the new Space Force, other major programs are heading the other way … into the Earth.

Conspiracy theorists have long wondered what facilities exist underground. Secret bases, perhaps? Hardened shelters to protect the elite in government and industry in the event of catastrophic events on the surface? How much of that is true? It turns out, a lot of it.

From the Mystery Wire archives, a multi-part investigation that travels deep beneath the Earth’s surface to see what’s down there.

“We are doing state-of-the-art work here,” a Nevada Test Site worker told us. “This is as state-of-the-art as it gets. These are tools we brought in from the labs and adapted them to the underground environment.

Tunnels that run for miles, some with their own rail systems. Bases that stretch out in many directions. Secret technology that can only be tested far under the Earth’s surface.

Investigative reporter George Knapp was given unprecedented access to classified labs, programs and personnel. Find out what secrets are right under your feet in a multi-part investigation, seen only on