(KRON) — No, he didn’t buy his parents a house nor buy a fancy car like other professional athletes when they get their first NBA paycheck. Warriors forward Draymond Green used his first NBA earnings on something more practical.


Green’s apartment had zero furniture, and he decided to do something about it, he said last Thursday during an episode of “The Draymond Green Show.” He spent his first NBA paycheck at Ashley’s Furniture Outlet in Oakland.

The four-time NBA All-Star added he didn’t receive his first NBA check until Nov. 15, 2012 — months after getting drafted in June. Green was a second-round pick and No. 35 overall, which meant he didn’t immediately make the kind of guaranteed money a top-five pick in the NBA Draft would typically get.

Green said he was scrapping for cash in his first few months in the NBA.

“For me coming out, I had no money,” Green said. “You kind of just trying to scrape along and you don’t get your first check — mind you we get drafted in June. You don’t get your first check until November.”

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Green made $850,000 his rookie year (2012-13), according to Basketball-Reference.

Unfortunately, Ashley’s Furniture Outlet at 6195 Coliseum Way in Oakland is no longer open and can’t benefit from Green’s shoutout to his thousands of listeners.

The location is closed, according to Yelp. Commercial Cafe has the listed address up for sale to occupy the warehouse.