SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — You’ve probably seen it by now, well at least 20 million Twitter users have. A video was released Friday of Warriors forward Draymond Green punching guard Jordan Poole in the face during the team’s practice on Wednesday.

When TMZ published the video, Green was trending all morning on Twitter. That prompted the sports world, including many former and current NBA stars, to give their opinion on Green’s right fist that connected with Poole’s jaw.

“He’s gonna have to see me every time after this sucker punch. Damn. That ain’t it! And whoever leaked this video should be fired too,” former NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas tweeted. “All I’m saying is is you ain’t responding with a PUNCH if that’s somebody you really rock with!!!”

Basketball Hall of Famer Reggie Miller tweeted in disbelief how the video leaked, adding the video should have been kept with the Warriors organization only. Miller continued to say Green may get traded after video of the fight was made public.

Former Warriors players react

Stephen Jackson, who played four years on the Warriors and a part of the 2007 “We Believe” team, said he has never been in a fight with a teammate before. Jackson spoke with Green Thursday night, telling him he needs to make amends with Poole.

“There’s no reason to sucker punch a fella,” Jackson said on Instagram. “He got to fix that situation with Poole…”

“I’ll say this… fighting happens. Fighting in practice happens. Fighting in games happen. There’s no way anyone wins a championship without some fight in them. It’s always happened. Stop overreacting,” former Warriors center Festus Ezeli (2012-16) tweeted. “Imma need to hit you back though to salvage that relationship (laugh emoji).”

Draymond to Los Angeles?

Green and LeBron James are both are signed to the same agency Klutch Sports. Green said on his podcast in March that James is the greatest basketball player of all time.

Green’s actions prompted Twitter to speculate if this is the Warriors forward’s path to be traded.

“Draymond is tryna get to LA. Damn!” Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young tweeted.

Could this incident lead to the Warriors trading Green to possibly the Lakers? One former NFL star thinks Green could be headed to Los Angeles.

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“Draymond may have just punched his ticket to LA,” former Pro Bowl quarterback Robert Griffin III said on Twitter. “Draymond must be training MMA because he hit Poole with a Superman Punch.”

Jake Paul offers Draymond millions to fight under his boxing promotion

Social media personality-turned-boxer Jake Paul was impressed after video of Green’s right hand exploded on the Internet. “Gotta get Draymond Green in the boxing ring,” Paul tweeted to his 4 million followers.

Paul even took it a step further on Twitter by offering the basketball star $10 million to fight on his next Most Valuable Promotions event.

Before the video was released Thursday morning, the Warriors addressed the fight between Green and Poole in a press conference on Wednesday. Read HERE to see what GM Bob Myers, head coach Steve Kerr and Stephen Curry had to say.