The Warriors may have been away on Monday for the NBA Finals but their new home court is just about ready for next season. 

The last seat in the Chase Center has been installed. This seat belongs to a season ticket holder, Mark Carpenter.

Carpenter has had seats at Oracle and is excited for the new season in San Francisco. 

“I’m going to kinda miss the people I sat around with, got to know them pretty well but at the same time I’m really excited to come to the new arena,” Carpenter said. “My seats are awesome, um, I actually think they’re closer than they were the first game and I’m just looking forward to being part of the new raucous crowd at the Chase Center.”

“It’s very sad, you know, but it’s time for change,” Tim Hardaway, a former Warriors player said. “Bigger or better arena suitable for everybody. I understand the economics and everything about it, so uh, I think it’s a great situation but I’m sad.”

The Chase Center will open up to the public later this year.

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