SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — During Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday between the Celtics and Warriors, the series’ first game in Boston, fans inside TD Garden chanted “F*** you Draymond.” Forward Draymond Green was not be the only one to have been cursed at by Boston fans. Members of Dub Nation were too.

The Warriors flew a number of their staff to Boston, and two of them told KRON4’s Jason Dumas they received a number of vulgar chants. One said they had to take off their Warriors shirt the morning of Game 3 because they kept getting cursed out.

“I’ve been flipped off 17 times,” another Warriors staffer said.

In reference to the Celtics fans inside the arena, Golden State head coach Steve Kerr and guard Klay Thompson sarcastically described them as “classy.” Green addressed the chants from the crowd on his podcast.

“F*** you too,” Green said Thursday on The Draymond Green Show.

Green also addressed his wife’s comments of their kids having to hear the Boston crowd yell out expletives for them to hear. He said he was happy his son heard those chants because it can teach him a life lesson. Full soundbite can be listened to here.

Green’s wife called Celtics fans “disgusting” and “shameful” in a message on Instagram.

On the other hand in response to Boston fans’ vulgarity, a video with over 3 million Twitter views has resurfaced from the 2015 NBA Finals between the Warriors and Cavaliers. It was a Warriors fan who yelled expletives at LeBron James.

Boston’s History of Yelling Expletives Towards Players

In 2017, fans at Fenway Park in Boston yelled the N-word towards then-Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones. That is one of multiple similar incidents over the course of the last few decades in the city.

Celtics legend Bill Russell was one of the first Black players in the NBA. Despite winning multiple championships in the 1960s, Russell was bitter and did not feel embraced by the fans due to the racist chants he received from fans in the city.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.