SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Klay Thompson’s new favorite hat is floating somewhere in the San Francisco Bay today.

The Golden Gate Warriors’ star was gleefully boating his way across the bay to join a victory parade with his team and Dub Nation when a wind gust blew his hat off.

And it wasn’t just any hat. It was Thompson’s 2022 NBA Championship hat that he’s been wearing daily ever since the Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics for the NBA title last week.

Thompson recorded his hat debacle on Instagram Live.

“Oh no! I lost my hat!” the Splash Brother exclaims as his hat splashes into the sea.

Fortunately, Thompson had a nautical-themed backup hat for the victory parade.

Thompson found a passion for sailing and became a boat captain while he was sidelined on the basketball court for two seasons. He tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee in 2019 and later tore his Achilles’ tendon.

He told the New York Times that the ocean’s tranquility helped ease his disappointments during a frustrating period of his basketball career.

“It’s been so good for my mental health. When the days would get really tough, I would take a cruise into the city or toward Oakland or just be out in nature,” Thompson told the Times.

During Monday’s the pre-parade ceremony on stage, Thompson gave credit to former Warrior Shaun Livingston for his support and counseling . “Shaun Livingston would tell me about the little wins during my rehab. That’s something I will take (with me) for the rest of my life, the small things in life that inspire you to keep going,” he said.

When it was time for the parade, Thompson looked like he was back on top of the world.

He ran down San Francisco’s Market Street holding the NBA Championship trophy while Dub Nation went wild with cheers.

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