SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The country has made up its mind. The majority of the United States will be rooting for the Boston Celtics over the Golden State Warriors, according to Twitter data.

Thirty-two of the 50 states will be rooting for the Celtics. The other 18, including California, will be rooting for the Warriors.

A map put together by BetOnline shows which team different parts of the country is rooting for. All the West Coast states are rooting for Golden State. All the northeast states — except New York and Pennsylvania — are rooting for the Celtics. (New York has the Knicks and Nets while the 76ers are in Philadelphia.)

That map is based on geotagged Twitter data and fan hashtags based on the state those tweets are coming from. Over 150,000 tweets were tracked in this report.

These are the fan hashtags from each team that were tracked:

  • Warriors
    • #DubNation
    • #GoldBlooded
    • #WarriorsGround
  • Celtics:
    • #CelticPride
    • #BleedGreen

For more information on how geotagged tweets are tracked, click here. The Warriors lost Game 1 to the Celtics at home Thursday evening. Game 2 will be Sunday at Chase Center in San Francisco.