BOSTON (KRON) — The Golden State Warriors were not happy with the Boston crowd after their 116-100 loss to the Celtics in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday night. Both Klay Thompson and Steve Kerr sarcastically called the crowd “classy” after fans chanted “F*** you Draymond” at Draymond Green during the game.

“It (the crowd) was not a factor,” Thompson said. “We’ve played in front of rude people before. Dropping F-bombs with children in the crowd, real classy. Good job, Boston.”

Kerr’s response when asked about the crowd was just three words, “Classy. Very classy.”

Green picked up a technical foul in Game 2 of the series in San Francisco after getting tied up with Celtics forward Grant Williams. Later in the game, he had to be separated from Boston’s Jaylen Brown. Green and Williams got into it again in Game 3 after Williams set an illegal screen on Green.

“They just talking,” Green said of the crowd in Game 3. “It’s not really my job to react to them. So, they did what I expected.”

Green has been held to just 15 points over the series’ first three games. He fouled out of Game 3 after scoring two points.