Just a day ago we told you how expensive it is to be a renter in the beautiful city of San Francisco. 

If you haven’t figured it out already, it’s very pricey. 

So instead of shelling out thousands a month on rent for an apartment, why not just buy something you can truly call yours?

For $15 million, this gorgeous lot of dirt that could be the beginning of just an endless array of possibilities could be yours! 

The listing on Redfin describes the 1-acre lot across Foothill Boulevard in the heart of Silicon Valley as a rare property for those who are interested. 

What makes this dirt lot so special? 

“Location! Location! Location!” according the listing, which also claims this is the “ONLY FLAT VACANT Acre parcel in Palo Alto available.” 

Having trouble envisioning what could go in this lot? 

RedFin’s got some ideas. 

“Visualize an Exquisite Villa with Vineyard. Plus build a detached Guest House for Family or Au Pair. Plus Detached garage with possible basements… DREAM it & BUILD it!” 

Just a reminder — it’s an empty lot. Furnished house with all the fixings not included. 

But if you’re looking for something a little more grandiose, there’s a mega mansion for sale nearby that recently hit the market. 

Price tag on that? $96.8 million. 

Pizza room and ice rink included.