It has been over a month since the San Francisco Police Department parked their large mobile command van on United Nations Plaza in San Francisco to fight crime in the area.

The UN Plaza is next to City Hall and the Civic Center BART Station.

It has long been a hotbed of criminal activity, mostly drugs being sold, and drugs being used.

Sincere walks UN Plaza daily and he said ever since the SFPD parked their mobile command van on the plaza and stepped up patrols in the area, it feels cleaner and safer around the area.

“Less hand to hand drug dealing and hot good swapping,” Sincere said.

Kim is one of the owners United Nations Cafe which sits right in the middle of the UN Plaza.

She said she sees more cops on patrol and has noticed a decrease in loiterers and drug dealing on the plaza.

The SFPD says this is not just a show.

Since they have been there, police have made a lot of arrests.

However, Andrew who lives one block from the UN Plaza does not think parking the van there is the answer for a long-term change.

“I don’t see any difference up north,” Andrew said.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott said they will keep the mobile command van there and the stepped up patrols for as long as needed. 

There is no end date set as of now.