VACAVILLE (FOX40)–Parents of a 12-year-old Vacaville middle schooler are speaking out after their daughter recieved a disturbing voicemail from a classmate.“You deserve to die.” 

A two-minute long voicemail is laced with disgusting and derogatory comments.“I hope you get hit by a bus…”

It was a call made from one 12-year-old to another.

“Do you know what it’s like for your child to come down and say ‘I’m done, I want to end my life?'” said the victim’s mother, Antonia.

Antonia and Marcos, who didn’t want their last names used, say their seventh-grade daughter got this voicemail Monday night from one of her classmates at Vaca Peña Middle School.“She looks like she came out of a used condom.”

“My daughter walks downstairs crying, falling to her knees,” Antonia said.

The family says they called the Vacaville Police Department immediately and contacted the Vacaville Unified School District the next day, but didn’t get the response they were hoping for.

“Why couldn’t last night when I made the calls, nobody became active? Why when my husband went to the school and talked to them nothing was done?” Antonia said.

The Vacaville Police Department tells FOX40 their youth services department will refer the boy who left the voicemail to a diversion program where he’ll be educated on bullying in hopes of avoiding the criminal court system.

While the school district says they’re working with the police department and take the situation very seriously, they say every student needs to feel safe at school.

The district even has staff on hand to deal with bullying head on.

“Bullying or any feeling a student has that they aren’t being treated well or respectfully, they should be able to share that with an adult,” said Kimberley Forrest, assistant superintendent of Student Services.

Forrest says parents need to talk to their kids, whether their kids are being bullied or are the bully, communication is key.

“Throughout their upbringing, talking about how to treat people, what to say to people, what’s appropriate, what’s not,” Forrest said.

As for this Vacaville family, while they say they were unhappy with the initial response to their daughter being bullied, they’re relieved that something is being done and have advice for other parents.

“Find out what’s going on, get to the bottom of it, be involved,” Antonia said.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: