ALAMEDA, Calif. (KRON) — Neighbors in the City of Alameda will have to soon say goodbye to some of the city’s oldest trees including some that are more than 120-years-old.

Alameda’s Recreation & Parks Department has marked three trees. Two Magnolia trees in Chochenyo Park and one fig tree in Lincoln Park are set for removal.

The city said an arborist recently found rot in the trunks and roots of these trees and could pose a hazard to the public.

“We spent several thousand dollars on each tree doing ground penetrating radar and sonar to get a really in depth look at the tree and the result of that is what we suspected that structural integrity of those trees is not intact anymore. The risk of those trees falling over in a larges storm is too great and we really need to protect the public safety,” said Amy Wooldridge, Alameda Recreation and Parks Department director.

All three trees are more than 120-years-old. Some said they agree with the decision to take them out if it poses a danger.

“Honestly, it doesn’t make me sad. It’s a gorgeous tree but there are kids here constantly. If it’s dangerous. If the city decides it’s rotten and they need to take it out, they should,” said Feroozeh Ansari, resident.

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The three trees will most likely be removed soon with new trees expected to be planted by next spring. The two Magnolia trees will be replaced with new Magnolias and the fig tree will be replaced with three new trees.

The city also plans to put in drought-tolerant landscaping around the new trees.