STOCKTON (KRON) — Fourteen years after his death, Aaron Vicker’s family received a long-lost letter written by him in high school.

“When I first opened the letter and saw his handwriting, tears filled my eyes,” Vicker’s sister said.

Vicker penned the letter in 2000 to his future self. It was a high school assignment and the teacher had promised to mail the letter to students after 10 years.

After learning that the high school junior has been shot and killed in 2002, the teacher used Facebook to find Vicker’s family and gave them the four-page letter.

“I’ve never felt his presence like that in the past 14 years but I felt like he was sitting right next to the side of me as she was reading this letter. He even mentioned having a daughter in the future and naming her Ariana ‘I’m so unique’ Vickers,” his sister said.

He even made an eerily accurate take on the county’s political climate.

“He mentioned in 10 years, we’ll probably have a black vice president. Or maybe a woman would be President.”CNN Newsource contributed to this report