Two men are dead, and three others were injured after their vehicle was struck by a Metro Blue Line train in the Central-Alameda neighborhood of South Los Angeles on Monday, officials announced.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, located at 1629 E. 24th St., they found a total of five males inside the vehicle. Two of them were trapped in the backseat.

“Both patients were quickly extricated, but sadly, one was beyond medical help,” authorities with the Los Angeles Fire Department said in a news release.  A second passenger who was in grave condition also died at the scene.

The three other victims, including the driver, were able to exit the vehicle on their own. They were taken to the hospital in “fair-to-moderate” condition, officials said.

“From the preliminary information that they have is that the vehicle made a left turn in front of the oncoming train at which point there, as you can imagine, a very violent collision occurred,” Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Hector Guzman said.

Officials also noted that both the train and the car were traveling southbound when the car turned in front of the train. They are investigating whether the train crossing signals were activated at the time.

Aerial video from Sky5 showed a large scene on the tracks where the crash occurred.

“Approximately 125 passengers have now exited the train, without medical complaint,” LAFD said. “Two train operators have also disembarked. One is being evaluated as a precaution.”

This is the second blue line disruption in a matter of hours. Earlier Monday, a person was hit on the same track in downtown L.A. and survived with a leg injury.

Buses will be replacing trains “between Washington and Vernon stations due to a train-car incident. The bus shuttles will likely continue well into the night,” L.A. Metro said.