SAN LEANDRO (BCN) — A Manteca man was shot dead while attending a First Communion party in San Leandro on Sunday evening but investigators are still trying to

determine by who and why, a police lieutenant said Tuesday.

Dariel Arreola, 28, had been attending the party with 80-100 other people at the San Leandro Senior Community Center at 13909 E. 14th St.

He was standing outside just after 7:30 p.m. a short distance from a large patio where a group of adults and children had also stepped outside when someone opened fire on him, police Lt. Robert McManus said.

Only Arreola was struck by the gunfire. A minivan sped out of the parking lot and crashed into a car on East 14th Street and then sheared off a utility pole before coming to rest on the curb. The minivan occupants ran from the crash scene and haven’t been found.

Arreola was pronounced dead at the scene.

McManus said, “It’s clearly a deliberate act,” because if the shooter was randomly targeting people, others on the patio would have been shot at as well.

However, investigators still haven’t determined why someone would want to kill Arreola.

Video surveillance of the building hasn’t given police a clear picture of the shooters. Investigators are looking into the possibility that the minivan occupants shot Arreola, but McManus said they also might have just heard the gunfire and gotten scared.

Investigators are still working on interviewing the many people who were attending the party. Some of them must have seen something or know why someone would want to kill Arreola, McManus said.

But for now, the case remains a “whodunit,” he said.

Anyone with additional information has been asked to contact the San Leandro Police Department at (510) 577-3230.