OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Three passenger cruise ships will dock at the Port of Oakland this weekend, officials announced Friday.

Only crew will be on the cruise ships, not any passengers. The port said it has not received reports of any cases of COVID-19 associated with the ships.

According to the Port, two Norwegian cruise line vessels will tie up at Oakland’s Outer Harbor Terminal. Another will dock at Howard Terminal on the Oakland Estuary.

The ships could stay at the Port of Oakland for two to three months, according to the cruise line.

The first two vessels are scheduled to arrive on Saturday, May 9. The third is expected Sunday, May 10.

The Port said it is making berth space available because approximately 100 cruise ships worldwide are seeking safe harbor. Other U.S. ports, for example some in Florida and Virginia, are already providing berth space for cruise ships.

“We’re a container port, but we’re still in the shipping business,” Port of Oakland Executive Director Danny Wan said. “These ships are under federal requirements to report health concerns, and we understand that they haven’t had a history of coronavirus, so we’ll do what we can to help.”

The Coast Guard and Norwegian Cruise Lines have not reported any cases of coronavirus aboard the vessels, the Port said. The cruise operator said the ships are managed by small crews. 

There are no plans for crew members to disembark in Oakland, the Port said. 

If crew members have to disembark, the cruise line would have to follow guidelines from the CDC first, the Port said. 

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