SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – A peaceful protest held in San Jose took a dramatic turn on Friday, becoming violent as it continued.

Videos showed protesters marching the streets of downtown San Jose Friday afternoon. As the day went on, protesters blocked Highway 101 and some people were seen smashing cars, lighting things on fire and getting violent with police.

As violent as the protest became, no major injuries were reported.

The San Jose Police Department released statistics and additional information from Friday’s protest.

There were 327 San Jose police officers assigned to the protest, along with 13 outside agencies and 91 outside agency personnel.

Officials say 38 people were arrested.

One officer was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Several other officers had minor injuries due to rocks and bottles being thrown at them, according to authorities.

Additionally, eight patrol cars were vandalized.

An officer-involved shooting was also reported involving the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office and a felony hit-and-run where two victims were hit by a car.

No additional details have been released.

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