49ers super fans headed to Miami for Super Bowl LIV


SAN JOSE (KRON) — 49ers super fan Oona Smith is getting ready for the Super Bowl. Smith is a season ticket holder and while she didn’t win the lottery ticket to the Big Game, that’s not stopping her. She leaves Friday morning.

“Go Niners,” Smith said.

Smith packed for the Big Game on Sunday.

“I think most important are white t-shirts. White jerseys. White whatever 49ers and then shoes because you’re going to be walking a lot in that Miami stadium,” she said. “So I recommend maybe some red shoes or if you want feel like having more flare.”

Smith has her pom poms ready, her white, red and gold — and of course the outfit for game day.

“I’m gonna wear this jersey. I’m gonna rep Jimmy. It’s the Super Bowl 54 official jersey and then last night I painted my pants some red and gold on them so i’ll be wearing these,” she said. “So I’ll be wearing all white matching what the 49ers colors are because we are the visiting team.”

Oona and her husband Derrik are lifelong 49ers fans.

They’re season ticket holders and have been going to games together for almost 18 years. This one though will be a first.

“It’ll be our first Super Bowl and first Super Bowl together,” Smith said. “Hopefully a win, first Lombardi trophy, first of many with this Niner regime.”

For them, it was love at first sight — of the 49ers of course.

“Being married for almost 18 years, you have to continue to find things that you love and can share with your partner and the 49ers have definitely been one of those things,” Smith said.
“There have been many a night when we’re out to dinner when we say ‘what do you think?’ ‘what’s your prediction for the season?’ A major bonding experience for us I think.”

The two plan to tackle all of the Niners events in Miami over the weekend.

“It’s a short time but we want to maximize our time in Miami. We want to maximize our time,” Smith said. “So we’ve been looking at all of the events that the team is going to having and attending so well show up there and celebrate.”

Hoping to bring home memories and a win.

“We’re just amazed,” she said. It’s too good to be true we feel like, we love this team so much.”

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