SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The nation’s first 9-way kidney transplant chain happening in one city, in two days is now underway.

56-year-old Reid Moran-Haywood kicked off the chain with his surgery. His kidney was taken out and driven from University of California at San Francisco to California Pacific Medical Center.

It will go to somebody who needs Moran-Haywood’s kidney to live.

Following his surgery, Moran-Haywood said he was doing well, and even took a video to send to KRON 4.

He doesn’t know who got his kidney, he just hopes it helps.

The chain will end with a kidney donation to a person who has been on dialysis for several years.

None of it would be possible without Moran-Haywood kicking off this chain of giving. He hopes this chain will inspire others to consider organ donation.

Moran-Haywood will likely go home to Napa over the weekend and should live a long, healthy life with just one kidney.