91-year-old woman’s savings ‘disappeared’ because she didn’t use account


PALM HARBOR, Fla. (WFLA) – Dolores Nielsen, 91, kept an emergency savings account for years. But her hands-off approach caused her trouble.

Her bank, SunTrust, declared her account dormant in April and closed the account. She’s been trying since August to get her money.

“I’m terribly worried,” Nielsen said. 

“My savings have lost so much in value since I retired as it is, and it’s very stressful for me.”

The account had more than $72,000. 

Dolores’ daughter, Barbara, turned to Better Call Behnken for help, after trying for months to get the money and getting the runaround.

She says the bank told her the state had the money, and the state told her they didn’t and she needed to go back to SunTrust. 

“Then you start worrying it’s disappeared,” Barbara said. 

When accounts go dormant, banks by law must send the money to the state of Florida’s CFO’s office. 

Sometimes that money sits for years, but the it’s the state’s responsibility to get it back to the rightful owner.

Better Call Behnken has regularly partnered with the state to help reunite my viewers with their money. So, when Dolores asked for help, we knew where to call. 

A spokeswoman with the CFO’s office says they researched the situation after calls from Better Call Behnken and discovered that the money wasn’t actually turned over to the state until earlier this month.

Now that they have it, they are working with Dolores to make sure she gets it back. 



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