94-year-old man goes skydiving for his birthday


MIDDLETOWN, OH (CNN NEWSOURCE) – A very special celebration for an Ohio man as he turned 94-years old this year.  

Paul Grimme can now check skydiving off his bucket list.

The 94-year-old finally made the big jump.

“I’m looking forward to it. I’m not nervous a bit,” Grimme said. 

Trading in his walker for wings, Grimme got fitted for a flight suit and buckled in.

The grandfather is celebrating a recent birthday and anniversary.

His wife passed away in January and Saturday would’ve marked 75 years together.

His granddaughter Tara Klier pushed for this day to come.

“When she passed away, of course, he was sad. So on his birthday in April, I said, ‘Hey grandpa, I got you tickets to go skydiving.  Will you go?’ He said, hell yeah I’ll go,” Klier said.

With family on the ground, Grimme boarded and the plane started to climb.

“He’s so excited. I don’t think I’ve seen him smile this much in a long time,” Klier said.

Grimme says another man who jumped at age 94 inspired him to try it out, President George H.W. Bush.

Floating back down, he says he was thinking of his wife.

“I really didn’t have any fear. I mean really,” Grimme said. “But the scenery was just beautiful. I just couldn’t get over the scenery. I would be willing to do it again. Not in the near future.”

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