SAN JOSE (KRON)– San Jose consistently ranks as one of California’s most expensive cities for renters.

The need for safe and affordable housing is universal; it’s something that every person needs. Yet, it’s becoming harder and harder for many in San Jose to find a safe place that they can afford to live in.

Advocates for affordable housing say that San Jose’s families, seniors, janitors, people with disabilities, and even more highly paid tech workers, are barely surviving in San Jose. They say that the city will suffer as low and moderate income people and families leave San Jose, heading for less expensive areas.

Several Bay Area cities, all with a smaller population than San Jose, offer renter protection policies, but San Jose is not one of those cities.

Advocates came together Wednesday morning at San Jose’s City Hall to call on city lawmakers to create policies to protect renters against unfair evictions, high rent increases and discrimination based on source of income.

At the rally, many people came forward, telling personal stories of how they were impacted by San Jose’s sky-rocketing rental market.