PACIFIC CREST TRAIL (KRON) — If you read Cheryl Strayed’s Wild or saw the 2014 film adaptation and thought you would never be able to blaze your own epic path hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, Andy Davidhazy can give you a taste of that journey.

Recently, Davidhazy posted a time-lapse video compiled from photos taken every mile of his 2013 2,660-mile trek during a 5-month period. Watch his beard grow and his face thin in less than five minutes during this video showing his solo hike from the Mexican border to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail.

“I never imagined that doing something so seemingly pointless could have such a profound impact on my life,” Davidhazy posted on his website.

Along his own path to self-discovery, he documents how he took 4.5 million steps, took 4,900 photos, wore out 5 pairs of shoes, sustained two shin-splint injuries, and encountered one wolverine, five black bears, dozens of rattlesnakes and countless scorpions, marmots and other wildlife.

“I’ve always had a camera in my hand,” he described himself on his website.

Davidhazy’s adventurous spirit has been reflected in more than this challenging journey. Buried in a long list of travels on foot, on a bike, on small boats and large ships, and by plane, he tells how he was drawn to Cairo’s Tahrir Square during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution against former president Hosni Mubarak and found himself “walking amidst the intense and wonderful chaos of Cairo.”

As well, stateside, he documented a six-month, 25,000-mile road trip “with a gray Toyota pickup, some cameras and my dog, Wesley.”

Watch Davidhazy’s Pacific Crest Trail time-lapse: