SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Is that grocery store plastic bag actually recyclable? California Attorney General Rob Bonta is now demanding manufacturers of plastic bags prove that it is … or else. AG Bonta is questioning the validity of those plastic recycling grocery bags, being actually recyclable.

“There is a likely chance plastic bags are not recyclable in California,” Bonta said.

California law bans single-use plastics. Although plastic bag producers print recyclable on those plastic bags, here’s why AG Bonta suspects that is not the case.

“That is because in order for materials like plastic bags to be recycled, there must be working collections systems, processing infrastructure and markets to support their recycling,” he said.

The attorney general has some serious doubts. In fact, he is calling on seven plastic recyclers to prove it.

“These companies have two weeks to produce evidence that their bags are recyclable. They said they are, so let’s see the evidence,” Bonta said. “They need to show the evidence that their bags are recyclable in California, or they may face enforcement action by the California Department of Justice.”

Some grocery store shop owners and their customers in Potrero Hill are talking about how they would feel to learn plastic bags were not being recycled.

“I would feel like I have been cheated in some way,” one shopper said.

“It’s a nickel and dime business and so, it’s a lot of money we are throwing away. We’re being told that it is being put toward recycling,” said Chiotras Grocery owner, Beth Bullard.

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“We are demanding manufacturers provide evidence,” Bonta said.

KRON4 reached out to the seven plastic bag manufacturers to see if they’re prepared to take the attorney general’s two-week challenge to prove that their plastic bags are recyclable. We received only one reply, from Novolex.

It reads in part:

“Novolex is reviewing Attorney General Bonta’s letter regarding the recyclability of its plastic bags. Novolex is committed to complying with all state laws and regulations, and is proud to operate three facilities in California.”