SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The California Attorney General’s office declined a request by newly-installed San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins to take over the case of Mayor London Breed’s brother, who appointed Jenkins earlier this month, according to The Associated Press.

The office also rejected Jenkins’ request to take over the prosecution of two men charged in killing 18-year-old Jerome Mallory, a cousin of Jenkins’ husband.

The attorney general’s office wrote in a letter to Jenkins that “we are confident the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office will continue to handle both cases in a fair, ethical, and even-handed manner. Consequently, the Attorney General will not be assuming responsibility for either case. Please contact us if you have any further questions.”

Jenkins stated to KRON4 that “My stance has not changed and I will step away from both cases to avoid any appearance whatsoever of a conflict. I am exploring options whether or not it’s possible for another agency to take on the cases. Regardless, these cases will be handled according to the law and with integrity.”

Breed appointed Jenkins to her new position earlier this month after voters decided to recall elected District Attorney Chesa Boudin; Jenkins had been the public face of the recall effort.

Napoleon Brown, Breed’s brother, is currently seeking to have his 44-year prison sentence reduced. Brown was convicted of stealing thousands of dollars from Johnny Rockets on Fisherman’s Wharf before pushing his girlfriend and getaway car driver, Lenties White, out of the car on the Golden Gate Bridge, where she was subsequently killed by a drunken driver.

Breed gave an alibi for her brother at the time of the 2000 spree. After she was elected mayor in 2018, she wrote then-Gov. Jerry Brown asking for a reprieve. Since she used official stationery, she was fined $2,500. Brown’s resentencing hearing is set for next month.

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Jenkins had fired the prosecutor on Brown’s case, post-conviction chief Arcelia Hurtado, as part of a round of firings. Hurtado insinuated in a public statement via Twitter that these were related, and that Jenkins didn’t answer questions about if the Brown case was related to her firing. Hurtado did not immediately respond to a request for comment via Twitter, but did shortly after this story was published.

“If she had bothered to talk to me before she fired me she would know the AG declined to take it and wanted her walled off because of her conflict of interest,” Hurtado tweeted.

Jenkins had also asked Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office to take over the case of two men charged with killing her husband’s cousin in the Bayview neighborhood on July 5, 2020.