Aggressive mother squirrel evicted from tree in Santa Cruz


SANTA CRUZ (CNN NEWSOURCE) – No notice given!

A California squirrel has been forced to leave her home after officials say she attacked several people.

“I saved her when she was little. She was tiny. She was bleeding. She would have died,” Charlotte Nolan-Reyes said. 

Charlotte Nolan-Reyes, nursed the squirrel her daughter named Emily, back to health when it was a baby.

Emily, now one, was living into this grapefruit tree with her family along Maple and Cedar Streets in downtown Santa Cruz.

In recent weeks, residents say Emily became aggressive attacking and biting people as they passed by.

“I’ve seen passerby’s. The squirrel would jump on them or, you know, assert its dominance,” Red Townsend said. 

The overprotective mother has bitten four people.

Of course, Nelson-Reyes was upset about the attacks and posted a sign Friday. Later, her landlord put up this: ‘Warning: Beware of aggressive squirrel.’

The Santa Cruz Fire Department arrived to assist Santa Cruz County Animal Services and Native Animal Rescue with a ladder truck.

The rescue drew quite an audience as the long ladder was maneuvered into place.

It allowed Bill Snell, a volunteer with Native Animal Rescue to safely remove Emily and her three babies.

They appear to be doing ok at this time.

Emily got one last nip in, biting the animal rescuer on his thumb for his efforts.

Emily and her babes will be relocated.

“They’re going to be put in a safe spot at Native Animal Rescue, where she can continue to raise them,” Todd Stosuy, with the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, said. 

The County Animal Shelter says the squirrel and her babies will be released out into the wild when they get old enough.

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