Aging: How to Reverse Muscle Loss


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – According to a USDA survey, about one-third of older Americans don’t eat adequate amounts of protein, resulting in a condition that affects their ability to perform activities of daily living.

Health expert, Karen Owoc, says Sarcopenia is the loss of skeletal muscle mass, strength, and function — a consequence of normal aging. It affects 10% of adults over age 50.

• In inactive adults, muscle mass decreases by 3% to 8% per decade after age 30. After age 50, muscle decreases by 5% to 10% per decade.

• From age 50 to 65, about 15 pounds of muscle mass is lost.

• By age 85+, half of that group needs some assistance with everyday activities and falls are more likely.

Strength improves significantly when muscle fibers grow in size, but in order for muscle growth and maintenance to occur, older adults need to consume adequate amounts of protein.

Improving Quality of Life with Food

The longer individuals live, more emphasis needs to be placed on diet, exercise, and physical activity. These elements can improve health, functional capacity, quality of life, and functional independence.

A 2018 study followed over 2,900 men/women (aged 26 to 81 at baseline) for 23 years and found that those who ate the most protein reduced their risk of becoming functionally impaired by 30 percent compared to those who at the least amount.

 It’s possible to simultaneously lose fat mass and gain muscle mass, but to do this, you must concentrate on PROTEIN and RESISTANCE TRAINING.

A diet that emphasizes plant-based sources of protein is the healthiest source with their better nutritional profile in ALL AGE GROUPS.

The Takeaway: Resistance training and the quantity, quality, and timing of protein consumption are all important factors in:

• Reversing muscle loss

• Recharging resting metabolic rate

• Increasing fat loss

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