SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — An air quality advisory due to wildfire smoke has been issued for Monday, according to a press release from Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Smoke from the Six Rivers Lightning Complex Fire in Humbolt and Trinity counties is forecasted to impact the Bay Area on Monday. Pockets of elevated air pollution are possible, but pollution levels are not expected to go above the national 24-hour standard.

As of now a Spare the Air Alert is not in effect, and the air quality is not anticipated to be unhealthy. There may be smoky or hazy skies visible and the smell of smoke may be present.

As KRON4 has previously reported, if you smell smoke it is important to protect your health by avoiding exposure. BAAQMD recommends staying inside with windows and doors closed until the smoke clears, and setting air conditioning units and car vent systems to recirculate to keep outside air from moving inside.

Smoke can act as an irritant to eyes and airways and cause coughing, a scratchy throat, or irritated sinuses. People who suffer from asthma, emphysema, or COPD are more at risk due to the potential for elevated particulate to trigger wheezing. Children, elderly persons, and anyone with a respiratory illness is particularly susceptible to elevated air pollution levels and should consider extra precautions in order to avoid exposure.

For air quality readings in our area please visit KRON4’s Bay Area Wildfire Air Quality Map.