United Airlines reported better-than-expected quarterly profit of $942 million. But that’s not what’s interesting here.

What’s interesting is that the carrier is attributing at least part of its financial success to the growing trend of remote work.

“Hybrid work allows every weekend to be a holiday weekend,” United CEO Scott Kirby told CNBC on Wednesday.

He observed that remote work allows travelers to be more flexible in scheduling flights.

“It wasn’t money that constrained people from travel. It was time,” Kirby said. “They’re untethered from the desk.”

Carriers still face headwinds in the form of high energy costs, labor issues and economic uncertainty.

But Americans have demonstrated enormous pent-up demand for air travel as COVID-related restrictions have eased.

Delta Air Lines said last week that its third-quarter revenue hit a record high.

United, for its part, says it expects healthy gains in the current quarter. The airline is forecasting more than double the earnings per share expected by analysts.