DUBLIN, Calif. (KRON) — Devin Williams Jr., an Alameda County Sheriff’s deputy accused in the fatal slaying of a husband and wife in their home, did not enter a plea in court Wednesday as expected. The plea has been pushed back until Dec. 12.

He appeared in court behind glass and is currently being held at the Martinez Detention Center where he was transferred two days ago.

The case has shocked the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department.

Williams was an officer with the department when prosecutors say he got off work at the county jail last month, just a few miles from the courthouse he will be appearing in today. He then drove to a married couple’s home in Dublin, also just a few miles from the Santa Rita county jail. He allegedly burst inside and shot and killed them execution style.

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From there, Williams fled the scene. He was captured 12 hours later, over 160 miles away. Authorities believe the 24-year-old Williams was romantically linked to Maria Tran, 42, who he is accused of killing along with her husband Benison Tran, 57, inside their home.