OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Alameda County said Tuesday that 809 people died while homeless between 2018-2020. The number is an 89 percent increase in homeless deaths over two years.

The county’s homeless mortality report also said that 50 percent of these deaths were caused by acute/chronic medical conditions. Heart and cardiovascular diseases, cancer, liver disease, cerebrovascular disease and respiratory disease were some of the ailments that caused deaths.

Drug overdoses accounted for 23 percent of the homeless deaths. Alameda County said this number rose sharply in 2020.

“While the numbers are shocking, this data will help to better inform the County as to what we can do to lessen homeless mortality and provide more supportive housing options and more accessible health care for our unhoused residents,” Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson said.

The mortality report said that 41 percent of these deaths were Black people, compared to just 19 percent of general population deaths. Black people make up 47% of the homeless population, according to the report.