Alameda Unified School District considers merging two high schools


The two main high schools in Alameda could merge in the coming years. 

Alameda Unified School District just finished collecting applications for a board that will map out what it will look like if the schools combined. 

The two schools impacted are Alameda High School which has about 1800 students and Encinal which has around 1300. 

A decision hasn’t been made, but the news is causing some concern among parents and students.

KRON4’s Hermela Aregawi spoke to school officials who said the merger would maximize the schools’ resources, teachers, salaries and types of classes offered.

Susan Davis with the Alameda Unified School District said, “our employee salaries are about 10 % less than the county average and so we are looking for ways to free up money to improve our employee salaries.” 

Davis said the district also wants to provide a more comprehensive secondary education to students. 

The school district is looking for parents, teachers and business experts to figure out how the merger will impact the community. 

Katherine Legg a sophomore at Alameda High School, fears that if the two schools combine students wouldn’t have enough access to teachers. 

Some students were optimistic. 

Brian Del Cid, a student at Encinal High School said, “Encinal has a lot of sports kind of facilities and Alameda has a theater based facility so it would be cool to combine the two and kind of have like a super school.”

In late June, the school district will vote on members and there will be public meetings from September to January.



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