ALAMEDA, Calif. (KRON) – The City of Alameda has changed its holiday decorations and the Christmas tree will no longer be on display outside city hall.

City leaders said they have been working for years to try and make their decorations equitable and inclusive of all cultures and faiths. They felt the best way to do that was by putting up a new light display.

The new light display includes a peace sign and the City of Alameda logo. Some people said they miss the old display while others have been embracing the new change. “Rockefeller Center has the giant tree and I feel like every city in the world feels a little bit obligated to follow that trend, but you can do your own thing. There’s no rules, color outside the lines,” said Justin Iredale.

Iredale is the creator of the new holiday display outside city hall. He has been working with the City of Alameda since 2018. He made the peace sign before the pandemic and recently created the light display with the City of Alameda logo.

“I didn’t know specifically that when I was making this that it would be part of a holiday display,” he said. The new display allowed the city to cancel the tree-lighting ceremony.

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It was the most expensive annual community event, costing $10,000 but only attracting 300 to 500 people.

Iredale said it is special to have his creations be a part of the new display and he likes the city logo being a part of it. “It’s definitely nice to have something personal that matches the city,” said Iredale.