SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – We’re hearing from Alexis Gabe’s parents days after police announced she is a victim of a homicide. They believe her ex-boyfriend killed her. On Thursday police announced they shot and killed the suspect.

Alexis Gabe’s parents tell KRON4 this is the first time they have heard from the suspect’s mother. They say the conversation was difficult and one they never imagined having.

“We were actually surprised,” said her father. Alexis Gabe has been missing since January, police announced Thursday that they believe she was killed by her ex-boyfriend, Marshall Curtis Jones of Antioch. He has been a suspect in the case for months. This week the Pacific Northwest Violent Offenders Task Force tried to execute a search warrant. They say the suspect charged at officers with a knife–that’s when officers shot and killed him.

“We wanted him arrested, you know. We don’t want this to happen,” said her father. 

Alexis Gabe’s parents say this was an emotional week, they found out Wednesday night that Marshall had been killed. About a day later his mother reached out to Gwyn Gabe on Facebook asking for his number.

“As soon as I gave it to her she called me, like within 30 seconds. It was an intense conversation between her and my wife,” Gabe’s father said, “she said she was ashamed that she was just now reaching out to us. that it took this long.”

They asked her if she knows anything about Alexis. “We kept asking her what happened, and she kept saying she doesn’t know… she also said if she could bring back one of them that she chooses Alexis,” said Gabe’s father. 

The Gabes knew Marshall, they say he was loud and funny. He even made an effort to learn their native language. “We never knew that there is another side of him. He’s like a Jekyll and Hyde.” They say his death makes the case more difficult, but police have already identified another person of interest, and they believe more people know what happened.

“Marshall is gone. That’s why I think you shouldn’t be afraid anymore if you have information, please give us the information you need. We want to find our daughter.” There is still a $100,000 reward for any information that leads to Alexis’ whearabouts.