SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – San Franciscans are invited to get together and support their city in a week-long civic celebration that’s being called “all out SF”. The idea is to have some fun while helping out.

This is a new way to get involved with the city while also having a good time. “All out SF ”’ is the brainchild of lead organizer Manny Yekutiel who owns the small business by the same name Manny’s Cafe in the Mission District.

He approached existing organizations like “Refuse refuse” and city departments to get as many of them involved in this volunteer effort. The result will be seven days of both service and fun between October 16th through the 23rd.

Each day is dedicated to one activity that brings San Franciscans together, like a trash pick up in every district and a small business day when six small flash mobs across the city descend on shops to help them recover from post pandemic woes.

Yekutiel tells KRON4, “I wanted to come up with a way to get folks involved in San Francisco and make it better but also make it celebratory and joyous because the last few years have been so hard and dark. and so the purpose of all SF, is to get folks to fall back in love with San Francisco to celebrate San Francisco and also to get involved in making it better.” 

There will also be a Civics Day where board supervisors will be at their favorite coffee shops or bars to meet their neighbors. Mayor London Breed will have a town hall at Manny’s Café.

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There will be another day dedicated to free music at Golden Gate Park’s Bandshell and an ice cream social at participating locations.

It’s all free, this is a one time event you have to register online for each day and theme on