(KRON) – A new technology that uses your palm to pay has been tested at several stores around the Bay Area, and now it may be coming to a grocery store near you.

Amazon One is a contactless payment system that uses your palm to pay. Some are optimistic towards the idea of using this technology.

“I don’t know who else can get into my palm, but I’m not against it,” said one Whole Foods customer.

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The technology is coming to Bay Area Whole Foods stores over the next few weeks. So, how does paying with your palm work?

Amazon uses vision technology. You hold your hand above the device which scans and takes less than a minute to create a palm signature.

Your palm is connected to your credit card online so whenever you want to pay all you need to do is hover your palm. Amazon said no two palms are alike so it is a secure way to pay.

Some have privacy concerns. “A little too intense and crazy. Using your DNA is too much to get out,” said another Whole Foods customer.

Ralph Aceves with Hacker Strike said the technology is safe, but he does have concerns. “Is the data downloaded from the cloud, to be able to know who you are, stored in the device?” asked Aceves.

Amazon said palm images are not stored on the device, rather the images are encrypted and sent to the cloud. Aceves’ other concern is the potential risk of phishing.

“For example, at a grocery store no one is around, someone could replace that with a fake scanning device, just like they do today with credit cards,” said Aceves. He believes the technology is the future because of how convenient it is for consumers.