(BCN) – The egg mass of an insect capable of sickening wine grapes was discovered for the second time this spring in Napa, according to the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office.

A local winery received around 100 large trees on March 29 from a Riverside County nursery, and during inspection the Commissioners office said staff found one viable Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter egg mass that appeared very fresh, along with over 50 older, nonviable egg masses.

The commissioner’s office said a notice of rejection was issued to the nursery for failing to provide advance notice or transporting a live pest at least 24 hours before arrival as required by state law and regulation.

As a result of the incident the commissioner’s office said they are investigating the matter and may pursue enforcement action against the origin nursery for quarantined violations.

“The second find of a viable egg mass this year is of great concern and demonstrates the ongoing need and importance of our Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter exclusion program.” Agricultural Commissioner Greg Clark said in a statement.

The Riverside County Agricultural Commissioner is also investigating the matter and working to ensure that the origin nursery and county program operate at the highest levels needed to prevent infestation to non-infested areas of California.