(KRON) — All Altamont Corridor Express trains were canceled until Monday, January 23 after a second ACE train in two days was halted by a mudslide Wednesday while traveling between Pleasanton and Fremont.

“ACE 01 is currently stopped between Pleasanton and Fremont due to debris on the tracks,” said a statement from ACE.

The train came across debris flow and mudslide conditions around 5:39 a.m. this morning, an ACE spokesperson told KRON4. The train was traveling westbound into Fremont through Sunol.

ACE 03 train is holding at Pleasanton, according to a tweet from 511SFBay. A bus bridge has been put in place for passengers who would like to continue west. There will be no buses returning to Stockton.

Passengers say they felt a jolt before the train stopped. Three passengers were treated for minor injuries.

The transit agency advised to expect delays as crews clear and inspect the tracks. It is not known if today’s incident is connected to Tuesday’s in which a 100-foot mudslide resulted in over 220 passengers having to be removed from the train and moved to a rescue train.

ACE service will be canceled for Wednesday evening.

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Union Pacific Railroad, which owns the tracks the trains run on provided the following statement to KRON4:

“Union Pacific crews are working to clear the tracks in Niles Canyon after today’s mudslide, which was a direct result of the heavy rainfalls in the area. We hope to open the track later today. We will inspect the track to make sure it is safe before allowing train traffic to resume. Union Pacific is also working with key stakeholders to inspect, stabilize and develop a remediation plan for our right-of-away through the canyon.”