(KRON) — Police confirmed a man was held up at gunpoint and robbed of his Rolex watch after getting a bite to eat at the restaurant, Bounty Hunter in Walnut Creek on Saturday night. The restaurant’s general manager said there were three suspects involved and that the victim’s wallet was also taken.

The theft occurred in the back parking lot. Bounty Hunter’s general manager is looking into possibly adding lights in the lot to make patrons feel safer.

The robbery happened near Broadway Plaza where police have added patrols in recent months to deter retail thefts at high-end stores.

“I feel like now, I should be a bit more cautious,” said Christian Amaya, who works in downtown Walnut Creek. “I just feel like the economy is making everything much more difficult and making crime a lot higher.”

One Rolex wearer, Kevin Johnson, said, “It does concern me. I’m really shocked. I wouldn’t expect it downtown here.” Still, he said he will not think twice about wearing his Rolex, which is worth more than $20,000. “I’ve been coming down here to eat for my whole life. It’s pretty safe as far as I’m concerned.”

Last month, a man in Walnut Creek was robbed of his Rolex at gunpoint on his driveway. Armed robbers also stole a man’s Rolex outside Trader Joe’s in Danville.

Siena Gonzalez, an area resident, said that as a young woman, she is “paying attention more to my surroundings, especially being by myself in Walnut Creek.”

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These thefts are happening regionally and across the state. San Francisco police say they are investigating more than two dozen high-value watch robberies since the start of the year and are likely tied to organized crime.