SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Anti-hate crime messages are showing up on the streets and online.

South Bay leaders have formed a hate crimes task force, while others are banding together to bolster public safety and report problems.

A task force is working on the big picture while volunteer foot patrols are putting people at ease in one worried community.

The response to the recent spike in attacks on Asian-Americans in the Bay Area includes foot patrols in San Jose’s Japantown. 

Among the red-vested volunteers keeping watch over people as they strolled and lunched on Friday was Larry Handa.

Santa Clara County’s newly formed hate crimes task force met on line where advocates for other victims of hate crimes weighed in on the growing menace.

Formed as a result of the attack, an Asian-American woman at San Jose’s Diridon Station and other similar hate crime incidents leading to protests and calls for action across the Bay Area, the task force will make recommendations focused on education, prevention and law enforcement.

There was a suggestion the Japantown foot patrols might be expanded elsewhere. Handa says people are happy to see him lending a hand.