SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Last week’s 2023 APEC Summit brought thousands of visitors to San Francisco, including President Joe Biden and other world leaders. In preparation for the week-long event that concluded Friday, San Francisco streets underwent a cleanup. For example, homeless encampments were relocated from around the Moscone Center where many APEC events occurred.

The APEC barriers set up around the city used for security were removed on Sunday. With many tourists and world leaders out of San Francisco, a question arises.

Will the streets of San Francisco remain clean even after APEC?

At the National API Elected Officials Summit on Saturday, KRON4 asked SF City Attorney and District 1 Supervisor Connie Chan if clean streets in the city are sustainable.

Chiu was asked how confident he is in that proposition.

“There’s been an incredible amount of work this year to continue to move our city in the right direction. A lot of what has happened this year was in part building up to APEC,” Chiu said. “(APEC) has also been incredible work to address what’s happening on our streets, cleaning up our streets…”

“My profound hope is that we’re able to continue the momentum that we’ve built for APEC week and into the future,” Chiu added.

Chiu’s full soundbite can be viewed in the video player below.

Chan said “a lot” of resources were used to clean up the streets.

“To be able to maintain that, I think there’s a lot of questions about what can we do. I think there are a lot of lessons learned during this week,” Chan said. “I think what’s going to happen and what should happen all around the city is that we continue to keep up our work. Focus on day-to-day operations of the city — making sure we keep our streets clean.

“We continue to offer our outreach to homeless individuals and continue to make sure that city services are actually efficient and be able to deliver on a timely fashion — not just when it’s a time like this.”

Full soundbite from Chan can be viewed in the video player below.

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