(KRON) — A class-action lawsuit was filed Monday against Apple accusing the company of profiting illegally from payment card issuers, according to a press release from attorneys at the law firm Hagens Berman in Seattle, California.

The lawsuit accuses the company of profiting illegally from payment card issuers via its Apple Pay policies, and alleges that the company extracted up to $1 billion annually in fees that were “in violation of federal antitrust law,” according to attorneys with Hagens Berman and Sperling & Slater.

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The lawsuit aims to support a class of financial institutions which issue payment cards enabled for Apple Pay use. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. It alleges that apply denied competitors access to the technology that is necessary to create a “competing mobile wallet.”

According to the press release, Apple made sure that only Apple pay could make contactless payments on iOS devices. The law firm calls this act a “monopoly” for Apple Pay, and states that Apple charges card issuers that use Apple Pay “supracompetetive fees” for the service. This same service is available on Android devices for free, according to the suit.

The press release states this is the third time that Apple has been sued by Hagens Berman. Back in 2015 the firm snagged a $560 million settlement against Apple and various publishing companies in connection with the price fixing of e-books. Apple appealed that case to the U.S. Supreme Court. This led to a $100 million settlement on behalf of iOS developers who were “harmed by Apple’s stifling App Store policies,” according to the press release.

According to the lawsuit, the antitrust violations in this case are twofold:

  • Apple has unlawfully linked two of its products – mobile devices and its proprietary mobile wallet – compelling iOS users to exclusively use Apple Pay and foreclosing rival tap-and-pay options.
  • Apple unlawfully monopolizes the market for tap-and-pay mobile wallets on iOS. While issuers pay $0 when their cardholders use Android wallets and pay $0 when their cardholders use contactless cards, Apple rakes in billions of dollars from fees from tap-and-pay payments on its platform.

The stated goal of this suit is to “reimburse payment card issuers who have been charged Apple Pay’s fees,” as well as seeking and end to Apple’s current policy.