(NEXSTAR) — In just a few days, the inflation relief direct payment program “will have largely run its course,” California’s Franchise Tax Board said.

The state agency is currently in the final phase of planned payments, sending the Middle Class Tax Refund (MCTR) to a small number of recipients who changed their address since filing their 2020 taxes. The FTB expects to be done with that part of the process by Feb. 14.

Pretty much all other eligible recipients should have already received their payment, either by direct deposit or debit card in the mail.

However, those who haven’t received a payment still have time to seek help. There is no imminent deadline on the horizon, the FTB told Nexstar.

“We anticipate that a small number of payments will remain after this month — exceptional cases that require manual review. Although we don’t imagine much activity beyond this spring, FTB has until the program ends in April 2026 to ensure all eligible Californians receive an MCTR payment,” an agency spokesperson said.

The FTB asks Californians who believe they are missing a payment to first ensure they are in fact eligible. For example, the agency said some people have misunderstood that in order to qualify, Californians need to have filed state taxes on time in the tax year 2020 — not 2021, nor 2022.

“FTB encourages anyone who has reviewed the MCTR eligibility requirements and payment schedule on our MCTR website to call Money Network’s (800) 542-9332 customer service line to discuss their situation,” an agency spokesperson said. The state is working with Money Network to disburse the payments.

The FTB emphasized the “vast majority” of inflation relief checks have already been sent out, and the number of outstanding payments is quite small. The agency was not able to provide an estimate this week.

According to the state, more than $9 billion dollars have been paid out as part of the program, created to help combat the financial pressures of mounting inflation. The direct payments range from $200 to $1,050 depending on a number of factors.