OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — The Oakland Police Department is warning the public of an uptick of robberies at ATMs over the past month. In several instances, the victim completed their transaction and was walking away from the ATM when they were confronted, according to a Facebook post from OPD.

Armed individuals then rob the victims of their personal property and leave the scene on foot or by vehicle, according to the post. The department says it is closely tracking the trend “including descriptions of those responsible and their vehicles.”

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Oakland police offered the following safety tips for reducing your risk when using an ATM:

  • Always scan the area and watch for suspicious persons or activity around an ATM
  • Select an ATM that is in a well-lit and populated area
  • If you get cash — put it away immediately, do not stand at the ATM and count your money
  • When leaving an ATM, make sure you are not being followed
  • If you are being followed, drive to a safe place including the police department or fire station and call 911
  • Call the OPD’s non-emergency number: 777-3333 to report suspicious persons

If you have been a victim of such a crime, or have information related to one, you are asked to call (510) 238-3326.