Australian fires have burned area 50 times larger than Los Angeles


(CNN) — Firefighters in Australia spent another day battling catastrophic fires across the southern part of the country.

One official compared the destruction to “an atomic bomb.”

Saturday brought more record-breaking heat and high winds, the sky transitioning from hazy yellow to dark red in Victoria, as three huge fires merged, forming a blaze the size of Manhattan.

A long night ahead for the fire crews here on the south coast of New South Wales.

The catastrophic conditions that were forecast for this part of the state haven’t actually eventuated.

We didn’t get the high temperatures and ferocious winds that were predicted. However, a southerly has started to come in whipping up other fires that are burning.

In the town of Eden, which is right down the south coast on the border of New South Wales and Victoria, fires are raging there and there are grave concerns for the communities in that township.

Many residents heeded the warnings to get out to evacuate from what were expected to be the worst fires of the season.

The fires are affecting the entire south east coast of Australia, but there are cooler conditions that have come in in the last few hours. Firefighters said that they have been spared the absolute carnage that was predicted today.

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, said that 3,000 members from the Australian defence force from the military will be deployed as well as the largest Navy ship, the HMAS Adelaide, that will be sent to evacuate any of the residents who’ve been cut off, isolated. There’ll be evacuated and taken to safety.

He also said that four planes have been hired for water bombing. In the area around Maria on the south coast, we have seen endless operations of aerial bombardment happening on the fires affecting the communities, the properties and the homes.

Most people received warnings to evacuate, however there were people who decided to stay and protect their properties. They are in for a long night.

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