SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A woman who has been reported missing for almost a month has been spotted in San Francisco, the Mendocino Sheriff said in a Facebook post on Wednesday. Kassandra McKee was reported missing by Mendocino County Sheriff’s office on July 4th.

McKee’s mother told Mendocino news media outlets that she received a strange phone call from her daughter on June 23rd, when her daughter reportedly said that she felt as though her life was in danger due to someone attempting to kill her. She has not heard from her daughter since.

On Wednesday, the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office developed surveillance footage that shows McKee in a small market in San Francisco on the 4500 block of 3rd Street. The San Francisco Police Department is working with Mendocino County Sheriff to locate McKee.

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Anyone who knows the current whereabouts of Kassandra McKee is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office by calling 707-463-4086.