PLEASANT HILL (KRON) – It’s back-to-school for kids in the Mount Diablo Unified School District.

Summer will officially be over when that first bell rings today. 

Masks remain optional, however, their use is recommended in indoor settings. At-home COVID-19 test kits are available if needed.

But students are back in the classroom, learning and living their lives like high schoolers are supposed to. 

At College Park High School, kids are returning to a few new resources for physical and mental health, including a wellness center.

Inside there’s a calming space for students to step away from the chaos. The walls are lavendar to facilitate calming, and it contains posters with positive messages, furniture, a fountain and plants.

There’s also a social work specialist and wellness center specialist to help with any needs the kids may have.

There’s also a newly-refurbished pool.

The water polo coach stated the pool had been deteriorating, especially in the shallow end. 

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Renovations happened over the summer and it was refilled just two weeks ago. 

The pool will be used by the water polo and swimming teams.