BALTIMORE, Md. (KRON) — The Baltimore Ravens are the latest pro sports organization to release a statement following Wednesday’s nationwide boycotts.

The NFL team is calling for the arrest of the police officers responsible for the murder of Breonna Taylor in March and the shooting of Jacob Blake in August.

“With yet another example of racial discrimination with the shooting of Jacob Blake, and the unlawful abuse of peaceful protesters, we MUST unify as a society. It is imperative that all people — regardless of race, religion, creed or belief — come together to say, ‘Enough is enough!'”

The Ravens are also demanding that Senator Mitch McConell bring the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020 to the Senate floor for vote, which is a civil rights and police reform bill.

If approved, it would end qualified immunity, require body cameras, ban chokeholds and no-knock warrants, hold police accountable in court, establish a framework to prohibit racial profiling at federal, state and local levels.

The organization is also encouraging everyone to vote at both a local and national level.

“This is bigger than sports. Racism is embedded in the fabric of our nation’s foundation and is a blemish on our country’s history,” the statement read. “If we are to change course and make our world a better place, we must face this problem head-on and act now to enact positive change.”

Several Ravens players expressed their gratitude with the organization for taking action.

On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Bucks chose to boycott their playoff game against the Orlando Magic in wake of the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

This sparked other teams and leagues around the country to take similar action.

“We will use our platform to drive change now — not just for our generation, but for the generations that follow, for our sons and daughters and for their children,” the statement read.

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