BART cracking down on fare evaders


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — BART’s proof of payment team was out in full force Thursday night.

They’re making sure riders are doing the right thing and not skipping the fare. In September, the BART board voted to hire community service officers.

They check for valid fares on-board trains, on platforms, near stairs and escalator landings, and outside elevators.

They’re work is primarily dedicated to days nights and weekends.

“We estimate it’s anywhere from $15-25 million a year that we were losing by people who weren’t paying for their tickets,” said a spokesman for BART.

The spokesman also says the proof of payment inspectors have no discretion regarding citations meaning they check every rider. 

“We’re making it harder to fare evade,” the spokesman said. “We’ve raised the barriers at stations, locked the swinggates we use for service.”

Several BART commuters shared mixed opinions on fare cheaters.

“If you’re cheating the BART fare system, just buy a clipper bro,” said one rider.

“They get away with it and It’s one less dollar they have to worry about in these expensive times,” another rider said.

Others say BART might have bigger things they should worry about.

“It is a problem but not as much as the elevators or the escalators not working,” another BART commuter said.



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