BART employee hailed as hero for saving rider’s life

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 A BART employee is being hailed a hero for saving a rider’s life Monday after he was found unconscious on a train.

According to the transit agency, at around 12:15 p.m. Vincent Seals, who works as a BART car cleaner, heard his coworker calling for help from the platform at the Dublin/Pleasanton Station.

He ran toward her and she pointed him to the lead car of a train. 

Seals found a young man slumped over in a seat, unconscious. 

“I checked for a pulse. I didn’t feel one so I put my ear to his mouth to see if I could hear or feel his breath and I couldn’t,” he told BART. “His lips had already turned blue at that point so I picked him up and laid him on the floor (of the car) to start CPR.”

Seals administered chest compressions and after a few minutes he got a faint pulse, but it quickly faded. 

“I just told him ‘You’ve got to breathe’ and ‘listen to my voice.’ I was trying to coach him through it,” Seals said. 

A BART officer arrived and waved an ammonia inhalant ampule, also known as smelling salts, under the man’s nose, while Seals massaged his sternum, but the man soon lost consciousness again.

Seals continued massaging while the officer used a CPR mask to give rescue breaths. The young man regained consciousness as paramedics arrived.

He was transported to a local hospital where his condition is unknown. 

Seals has been working for BART since January and says this was something he would have never expected on the job.

“I was glad to have the opportunity to be there to help save his life,” he said.

He believes it was fate that he was there that day. 

“It was my regular day off. I usually work at the Millbrae Station,” says Seals. “I decided to pick up the extra shift at Dublin/Pleasanton. I was supposed to be there at that time.”

BART police say the young man turned 20 on Sunday, the day before he and Seals’ paths crossed on that BART train.



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